Trip Scheduler

Seamless assignment of trips to a digitally integrated network of Transportation Providers

Our fully integrated, digitized platform simplifies the intake process for trip scheduling, booking and credentialing. 

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Manage transportation from a single platform

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Our end-to-end solution provides ride visibility from booking through billing
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Automatically verify member eligibility

Real-time eligibility checks with a single click based on payor.

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Schedule recurring, future and urgent rides

Smart matching process ensures best-fit transportation provider based on member/patient needs.

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Flexible configuration and design

Trip Scheduler can be scaled, segmented, and specialized to maintain any volume of trips.


Quickly book rides

Book recurring, future and urgent rides with ease

View up-to-date member profiles

Eliminates the need to open multiple tabs when booking a ride.


Best-fit transportation for each trip

Smart matching process pairs patients based on past history, service area and provider cost.

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Patient eligibility

Check the active status of a member's insurance in real time, with a single click.


Reduce Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Real-time trip tracking and customizable business rules monitor and alert for fraud, waste and abuse.

Full Transparency

Trips happening for the day can be tracked in real-time through the map interface. Breadcrumb data is available for insights.


Trip Log and GPS Data Capture

Trip Scheduler has the ability to send real-time GPS coordinates every few seconds. Completed trips can be downloaded as a trip log.


Whitelisted locations

Set up whitelisted locations to use for booking trips, preventing fraud and abuse.


Powered by Kinetik

Transportation management simplified.

Automatically verify member eligibility in real-time
Quickly schedule recurring, future and urgent rides
Compliance certificate
HITRUST Certified, SOC 1, SOC 2 Type 2, SOC 1 Type 2, and HIPAA Compliant
Improves member experience
Flexible, custom configuration
GPS tracking and trip log for every ride
Feedback module for resolution, review, and closure
In-app messaging to provider network or internal organization
View patient profile while booking transportation

Assign trips to the network with ease.

Kinetik's fully integrated, digitized platform simplifies your healthcare transportation program and improves member/patient satisfaction and outcomes.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Trip Scheduler's trip log, smart matching process, and ability to whitelist locations are just a few of the features designed to reduce fraud, waste and abuse.

Transparency is achieved through the digitized dispatch network, and connecting the full ecosystem from trip scheduling through the claims/payment process. This enables data visibility for the entire lifecycle of each trip.

Providers have the ability to send trip corrections in order to reduce inaccurate completion data. These correction requests can be reviewed and approved by the Broker/MCO to prevent claim and reimbursement rejections.