We’re giving you the keys to improve cash flow and save time

Our online billing platform helps non-emergency medical transportation providers improve cash flow by automating the claim submission process, reducing rejections and denials, and speeding up payments. 

Spend your time on what matters most: quality patient care and growing your business.



Payor Partners including Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance nationwide



Claim Rejection Rate when submitted through Kinetik's RCM platform



Claims Processed annually through the Kinetik platform

Created for transportation providers who provide NEMT rides

Simplify billing with our online RCM platform.

Real-time claim tracking

You'll always know if a claim has been received, returned, or paid by the payor.


EDI transactions mean faster billing

Electronic billing makes claim processing fast. Our secure EDI billing system allows for quick transfer of data between you and your payors.


Streamlined attestation process

Automatically identifies which trips were completed and which were not by syncing with your payors.


Digital invoicing

Create digital invoices to share via email when a trip is completed.


Decrease rejections to <1%

Say goodbye to the industry average 7% claims rejection rate. RCM nearly eliminates rejections, saving time and getting you paid faster.


Bill 3100+ payors from one platform

Our software is integrated with thousands of payors, letting you submit claims from a single platform.


Reduce manual data input

Decreases claim rejections by auto generating procedure codes, modifiers, custom rates, and prior authorization without manual input.


Select the correct code for every trip

RCM identifies the correct medical codes for every trip, so you submit accurate claims.


Automated reporting

RCM’s detailed reporting provides the clarity you need to make data-driven decisions about your business.


Powered by Kinetik

Revenue Cycle Management accelerates your NEMT business

Generate thousands of clean claims instantly
Easily identify, edit, and submit unpaid claims
Bill and track revenue from 3100+ payors
Real-time claim status tracking
Track partial payments
Reduce costly manual audits
Generate professional, accurate invoices for private pay rides
2-hour payment notification (NY Medicaid)
HITRUST Certified, SOC 2, Type 2 and HIPAA Compliant

Juan Alvarado-web

Juan Alvarado

Chief Executive Officer, VioX

Kinetik's platform has helped us increase revenue while decreasing the time spent on the manual resubmission of rejected claims.

Bill George headshot

Bill George

Founder and CEO, zTrip

Billing can be very labor-intensive and manual. Kinetik has automated a huge part of that process and it allows our people to deliver a better customer experience because they are not pushing paper.

Jeremy Scalzi M7

Jeremy Scalzi

Director, Business Development, M7 Ride

Kinetik has cut our administrative costs by more than half, allowing our family business to provide more personalized service and improve the standard of care.

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StephK headshot

Steph Kilsdonk

Office Manager, CBR Transport

Being able to bill multiple insurance companies from one platform makes it easier for us to contract with more  companies. Knowing we will be able to bill them with the Kinetik platform removes any concerns with logistics.

Chanel Hernandez

Chanel Hernandez

Chief Executive Officer, Aki

Kinetik changed everything for us. We know how much and when we are going to get paid, plus we get paid faster. It took a lot of pressure off me so I could focus on the company vision.


Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. In addition, Kinetik is HITRUST Certified and SOC 2 Type 2, and SOC 2 Type 2 Compliant. Privacy and security is our top priority and we are committed to protecting patient data in accordance with industry best practices.

Our world-class Customer Success Team can get your business running on RCM within one business day. Our onboarding process clearly defines what we'll need from your team in order to quickly digitize your claims process.

RCM provides robust record keeping and reporting, ensuring you're prepared for your next audit.

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