NEMT is Powered by Kinetik

Kinetik is a healthcare technology and services company that has built the nation’s first digitally integrated healthcare transportation infrastructure connecting payors, patients, and transportation providers.

Our ecosystem creates interoperability and allows for a seamless delivery of non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) services; including full visibility into the life cycle of each trip, program transparency; improved access to care; an enhanced member experience; ability to generate timely and accurate claims; and reduction of fraud, waste, and abuse.

Kinetik provides flexibility in program design and actionable data with an industry leading, end-to-end healthcare transportation management solution.

Who We Help

We serve key stakeholders in the healthcare transportation industry by increasing interoperability and bringing the entire lifecycle of a healthcare trip into one fully integrated platform.

By digitally connecting health plans, healthcare providers, brokers, and transportation providers, we're helping to remove transportation as a barrier to healthcare.

Reduce patient no-shows and length of stay with our one-of-a-kind booking platform.
Efficiently manage transportation benefits by optimizing processes and improving member experience.
End-to-end visibility into your NEMT transportation program with access to the largest digitally integrated transportation network.
Simplify claim submissions, save time and get paid faster.

Our Values


Be Just

Creating equitable practices is top of mind for Kinetik. We prioritize establishing an environment that supports fairness over bias.

Be Curious

Asking questions and learning about the "why?" behind each idea, project, and strategy is key to our success at Kinetik. We foster an environment that encourages curiosity rather than following the status quo.

Be Collaborative

Bringing together diverse perspectives creates a strong culture. Collaborating with peers connects our team members and forms camaraderie that supports our mission.

Executive Team

The Kinetik team is highly experienced, dedicated, and mission driven, eager to solve the challenges of delivering effective healthcare transportation programs. Our leadership team members have combined experience in NEMT program operation and delivery, healthcare, technology, and transportation management.
Sufian Chowdhury CEO-1

Sufian Chowdhury

Chief Executive Officer, 


Atif Hussain

Chief Product Officer, 

Mahbub Rahman

Chief Technology Officer, 

Aaron Oboh

Chief Information Officer

Chad Turner

Chief Financial Officer

Our Story


Kinetik is founded by Sufian Chowdhury, Atif Hussain, and Mahbub Rahman from the back office of a Brooklyn-based transportation provider.

The idea of developing a revenue cycle management (RCM) platform, specifically for the medical transportation industry, quickly gains momentum among local providers.
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  • Mahbub

Kinetik integrates its RCM platform with more than 3,100 payors throughout the country.

Its platform is developed to support electronic data interchange (EDI) files, including 837p, 835, 276, 277, 270, 271, and many more. Kinetik also registers as a clearinghouse for the industry.
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Kinetik brings on first 2 full-time employees

Kinetik successfully integrates with its first dispatch partner—iCabbi—and introduces the concept of interoperability.

Through its integration with iCabbi, Kinetik auto generates medical transport claims, reducing, and in some cases eliminating, the need for in-house medical billers for transportation providers.
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Kinetik becomes 8-person team

Kinetik partners with the nation’s leading dispatch platforms to further expand its reach within the industry.

Through various integrations, Kinetik introduces automated billing and interoperability on a nationwide scale.
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Kinetik ends the year as a team of 13

Kinetik partners with Lyft, Uber, CarePool, zTrip, M7, & many of the nation’s largest transportation providers and transportation network companies (TNCs).

Kinetik’s technology quickly becomes the new standard for managing payments in the industry. Kinetik also becomes the largest sponsor of NEMTAC, an association whose purpose is to accredit and standardize the industry.
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Kinetik finishes with 35 full-time team members

Kinetik launches its medical transport platform, which includes a trip scheduling platform for brokers and health plans, and a trip assistant platform for TPs and TNCs.

Through its integration with iCabbi, Kinetik auto generates medical transport claims, reducing, and in some cases eliminating, the need for in-house medical billers for transportation providers.
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  • Mahbub
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Kinetik’s team doubles, with over 81 members around the globe
Kinetik founders
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Kinetik continues to promote a diverse and inclusive culture with two-thirds of our leadership roles held by people of color or women.

Read about DEI at Kinetik