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Gain control and visibility into your healthcare transportation program.

Kinetik's technology gives you options for healthcare transportation design and management.

Kinetik delivers a synchronized ecosystem designed to provide interoperability between technologies used by all stakeholders including patients, health plans, transportation brokers, healthcare providers and transportation providers.


Claims processed annually through the Kinetik platform



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Is your healthcare transportation program affected by these challenges?

You are not alone.
We can help.

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Lack of Transparency

No direct visibility into the lifecycle of booked trips and inconsistent data and reporting.

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No Flexibility

Rigid workflow and processes with little opportunity to configure for market, members, or regulator requirements.

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Member Experience

Lack of solutions to solve for on-demand and rural trips; or trips that require specific modes of transportation to accommodate member needs.

Solutions for Health Plans and Managed Care Organizations

Trip Scheduler

Seamless assignment of trips to a digitally integrated network of Transportation Providers.

Flexible configuration and design, with business rules for efficient network management
Automate communication of ride updates, edits and cancellations
Quickly verify eligibility before ride booking and execution
Reduce fraud, waste, and abuse through our end-to-end ecosystem
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Rapidly scale your transportation network
Generate and digitally track claims for submission to Payors and States
Improved experience and access to care for plan members
Member-centric algorithm provides the best fit transportation provider for every trip
HIPAA Compliant, SOC 2 Compliant, and HITRUST Certified

Trip Assistant

Consolidate trip operations under a single digitized transportation network.
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Digitally accept or reject trips; seamlessly assign trips through connected dispatch systems
Links patient information with trip, enabling clean claim submission through RCM.
Automates claim generation through our Revenue Cycle Management software.

Frequently Asked Questions


Trip Scheduler connects patient care stakeholders across health plans and health providers by offering a single entry-point for all lines of business: Medicaid, Medicare, Commercial and non-insurance healthcare transportation.

Transparency is achieved through the digitized dispatch network, and connecting the full ecosystem from trip scheduling through the claims/payment process, enabling data visibility for the whole lifecycle of each trip.

Kinetik's transportation management solution provides health plans with program oversight and flexibility in transportation design, enhancing member experience. The digitized ecosystem improves connectivity, data sharing, and network adequacy, resulting in better access to care for members.