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RCM Pro puts our expert billing team in your back office

Transportation providers nationwide count on our expert NEMT billing team to uncover lost revenue, reduce claim rejections, and save time.



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Don’t leave money on the table.
Let Kinetik take the wheel.

Kinetik's expert billing team provides white-glove service so you can focus on growing your business, not billing.

Uncover lost revenue

Mileage reconciliation ensures you are paid on actual miles vs projected miles. Payment reconciliation will bring visibility to the status of every claim. We’re dedicated to making sure you aren’t leaving money on the table.


Reduce rejection rates

Watch claim rejection rates drop with the help of our system’s daily patient eligibility verification.


Custom billing schedule

We’ll work with you to customize a billing schedule that supports your business. Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, it’s your call.

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Save time
and money
We handle all claims processing, including partial payments and resubmissions
decrease rejection
rejection rates
With daily patient eligibility updates, our system drastically reduces rejection rates
cash flow
We’ll reconcile every payment and all mileage so you are confident every dollar has been accounted for

Robert McBride

Founder and CEO, Divine Right Transportation

Being able to hand off one of the most complicated and burdensome parts of the industry to Kinetik has made a tremendous difference. It’s lightened our load so we can focus on what we want to do — serve patients — and not get bogged down with billing issues.

Bill Yuhnke Liberty Cab

Bill Yuhnke

President, Liberty Yellow Cab

Kinetik's RCM Pro billing service has helped our company consolidate billing and get paid faster. We're saving on costs because we don't need a team of billers to handle this process. Plus, we're confident that our operations are in compliance with industry regulations. 

Francine Headshot

Francine Rahe

Controller, CBR Transport

Kinetik is an AMAZING company with incredible customer service, and brilliant billing specialists. I trust their work. They have allowed our company to scale easily. I'm truly impressed.

Jeremy Scalzi M7

Jeremy Scalzi

President and CEO, M7

Kinetik has cut our administrative costs by more than half, allowing our family business to provide more personalized service and improve the standard of care.

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