About Kinetik

We envision a future in which the coordination and delivery of medical transportation will be so seamless that any patient, anywhere, can request a healthcare ride in real-time.

To accomplish this, we have built the nation’s largest healthcare transportation infrastructure — one that digitally connects health plans, brokers, and providers. This enhanced level of connectivity significantly improves access to care for patients.

Join us and our partners as we reimagine the healthcare transportation industry.

Our story


Kinetik is founded by Sufian Chowdhury, Atif Hussain, and Mahbub Rahman from the back office of a Brooklyn-based transportation provider. The idea of developing a revenue cycle management (RCM) platform, specifically for the medical transportation industry, quickly gains momentum among local providers.


Kinetik integrates its RCM platform with more than 3,100 payors throughout the country. Its platform is developed to support electronic data interchange (EDI) files, including 837p, 835, 276, 277, 270, 271, and many more. Kinetik also registers as a clearinghouse for the industry.


Kinetik successfully integrates with its first dispatch partner—iCabbi—and introduces the concept of interoperability. Through its integration with iCabbi, Kinetik autogenerates medical transport claims, reducing, and in some cases eliminating, the need for in-house medical billers for transportation providers.


Kinetik partners with more than 20 of the nation’s leading dispatch platforms to further expand its reach within the industry. Through various integrations, Kinetik introduces automated billing and interoperability on a nationwide scale.


Kinetik partners with Lyft, Uber, SendaRide, CarePool, zTrip, M7, and many of the nation’s largest transportation providers and transportation network companies (TNCs). Kinetik’s technology quickly becomes the new standard for managing payments in the industry. Kinetik also becomes the largest sponsor of NEMTAC, an association whose purpose is to accredit and standardize the industry.


Kinetik launches its medical transport platform, which includes a trip scheduling platform for brokers and health plans, and a trip assistant platform for TPs and TNCs. Kinetik also enhances its RCM platform to support instant pay for TPs and TNCs.

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