Kinetik and iCabbi Partnership

Kinetik and iCabbi Partnership

Kinetik and iCabbi have partnered to improve and digitize dispatch services for transportation providers in non-emergency medical transportation. 

New York, NY – Kinetik Healthcare Solutions has partnered with iCabbi to digitize non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) with the ultimate goal of ensuring patients make it on time and hassle-free to their medical appointments. 

iCabbi and Kinetik completed an integration between their technology platforms to streamline the processing of non-emergency medical transportation rides. Through this integration, we are able to digitize and streamline the industry workflow which ultimately improves the member experience. “Our revenue cycle management tool ensures transportation companies are paid on time, which then ensures that their drivers are paid on time,” said Sufian Chowdhury, the co-founder and CEO of Kinetik. Kinetik’s RCM platform was a large reason why iCabbi was interested in a partnership.

“It was pretty simple. We weren't great at managing the added complexity involving NEMT billing so we needed a partner who is an expert at it! Kinetik had developed revenue cycle management software for NEMT fleets dealing with specialized billing, and was getting these folks their money quicker. It made perfect sense to work with Kinetik,” said Kevin French, the Chief Executive Officer for iCabbi North America.

Sufian stated, “By combining iCabbi’s dispatch software with Kinetik’s billing platform, both companies are able to streamline processes for transportation providers and, ultimately, patients who rely on the NEMT services to meet their health needs.”

Kevin echoes the positive elements of the partnership by saying “We're very thankful that Kinetik came along. Together we actually have a better solution for this industry.” 

Kinetik and iCabbi’s partnership is a monumental step towards helping transportation providers optimize their business and provide better member experiences.


About Kinetik Healthcare Solutions

We envision a future in which the coordination and delivery of medical transportation will be so seamless that any patient, anywhere, can request a healthcare ride in real-time. To accomplish this, we have built the nation’s largest healthcare transportation infrastructure — one that digitally connects health plans, brokers, and providers. This enhanced level of connectivity significantly improves access to care for patients. Join us and our partners as we reimagine the healthcare transportation industry.

About iCabbi

iCabbi was founded in 2008 in Sutton, Dublin, where it continues to be headquartered. It powers over 100,000 for-hire vehicles around the world with its intelligent dispatch platform. This includes a world-class passenger app, driver app, business solution, payment console, open API, and marketplace. iCabbi’s vision is to put traditional for-hire companies at the center of mobility. iCabbi is part of the Mobilize ecosystem, which gathers all the mobility and energy-related services of the Renault Group.