Culture and Diversity at Kinetik

Culture and Diversity at Kinetik

Kinetik is dedicated to improving health equity with its suite of products and services created for the non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) industry. To achieve their goals, the company leaders start from the inside out by creating a collaborative and inclusive work environment. By building a diverse team aligned with the company’s core values of “Be Collaborative, Be Curious, Be Just”, Kinetik can achieve its mission of empowering care through connectivity.

As a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Person of Color) founded and owned organization, Kinetik strives to hire and promote diverse talent from various backgrounds and experiences that recognize the importance of health equity. Kinetik’s three BIPOC founders, Sufian Chowdhury, Atif Hussain, and Mahbub Rahman, understand the significance of listening to various perspectives to successfully build a company and using their empathetic leadership to inspire others.

Kinetik’s Chief Executive Officer, Sufian Chowdhury stated that “perspective matters and an abundance of perspective is very important in building a great company. A diverse culture helps nurture and incubate ideas from all walks of life—something Kinetik has greatly benefited from.”

Kinetik supports an international team working to accomplish its mission. In the United States, we have team members nationwide, including remote workers, to prioritize employee comfort. Around the world, Kinetik has full-time employees in Serbia and Bangladesh and contractors in India and Ukraine. Employees from all over the world show Kinetik’s commitment to recruiting and maintaining diverse talent to achieve its mission of empowering care with connectivity.

Regarding Kinetik’s executive team, 75% of its leaders are BIPOC or women. This statistic is substantially higher than the average amongst corporations, where only 28% of people of color or women hold leadership roles. This shows the company’s dedication to ensuring that diverse perspectives and experiences are present at all levels of the organization, starting with leadership.

Jamie Moses, Chief Commercial Officer, emphasized the importance of diversity and said that “Kinetik focuses a great deal of effort on showing their culture…we truly believe that a diverse [environment] builds a good culture.” Kinetik’s leadership prides itself on creating a culture of people who are passionate about helping others. 

Kinetik employees echo the diverse, supportive, and welcoming company culture in their everyday work. Hasan Syed, Sales Development Representative, displays the company values by “showing empathy and working hard all at the same time.” Empathetic leadership by employees and leaders is why the company has shown great success and continues to grow as its team begins Series A Funding in 2023.

Through a majority of women and BIPOC in executive roles, an emphasis on supporting and recruiting diverse and international talent, and implementation of empathetic leadership, Kinetik supports equity in both its mission and culture.