Kinetik Helps VioX Transportation Reduce Rejected Claims and Recover Lost Revenue

Kinetik Helps VioX Transportation Reduce Rejected Claims and Recover Lost Revenue

Juan Alvarado is currently the CEO of VioX Transportation, a holding company that owns three taxi and car service companies in the New York City area. 

“We are a group of companies in New York City focused on non-emergency transportation for healthcare patients, whether from Medicaid, a particular insurance company or provider, a broker, or a hospital.” The three companies complete, on average, over 700 trips a day in and around New York City.”

When VioX Transportation’s claims were rejected prior to using Kinetik, it was unclear why they had not been approved and took a lot of manual time to resubmit them. It became a challenge to correctly resubmit and eventually collect a payment, causing VioX’s team to “leave money on the table” by unsuccessfully resubmitting and processing claims. 

In addition to the difficulties of claim rejection, the healthcare industry, particularly non-emergency medical transportation, is a severely fragmented industry lacking efficient and easy-to-use technology. Sarah Alvarado, VP of Operations at VioX Transportation, stated that “we haven't been happy with what we're using right now. Juan kept searching for something better to improve our business.” When running a business, both technology implementation and usage can become a hassle without the right resources.

Kinetik’s Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) platform provides visibility into all claim rejections from a single platform so that resubmissions have a much higher approval rate. Claim resubmission for rejected claims became as simple as clicking a button rather than manually submitting claims through each provider or broker portal. VioX’s team stated that “the resubmission of claims, again, is important because we were struggling to collect money that was owed to us for a while.” With this streamlined and efficient claim submission process, VioX can collect more payments and maximize its revenue. 

“Our revenue cycle management tool ensures companies are paid on time, which then ensures that their drivers are paid on time,” said Sufian Chowdhury, CEO of Kinetik. “This is a challenge we are solving for.” VioX Transportation is one of the many organizations that has benefited from saving lost revenue by using Kinetik’s revenue cycle management tool.

For many transportation providers, technology implementation can be a large barrier to entry. Juan and Sarah both emphasized how easy Kinetik’s online platform is to navigate. They said that “being able to navigate the platform in a way that is easy to read and understand” was of the utmost importance to their team when adding new technology to their business. Kinetik fit the bill and has been extremely successful in helping VioX submit claims and increase its revenue while decreasing the time spent on the manual resubmission of rejected claims.

VioX’s leadership team shared that “Kinetik’s Customer Success team is extremely knowledgeable in NEMT claim processing, which greatly contributes to our company’s success. Your Customer Success team is available to help us resubmit claims that we haven't been able to collect on our own; recovering that revenue is important for us.” Kinetik’s customer satisfaction remains consistent as our team has achieved a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 88, with anything between 70-100 being considered an “excellent” rating. Our score greatly exceeds the industry average, which is currently between 40-50. We are proud that 9 out of 10 customers would recommend Kinetik!


About Kinetik:

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