Kinetik, industry leaders gather for iCabbi innovation conference

Kinetik, industry leaders gather for iCabbi innovation conference

Transportation industry leaders will head to Montreal later this week for the iCabbi Innovate 2022 conference.

The two-day event, May 12-13, will be held at Le Westin Hotel Montreal. The conference will showcase products that deliver solutions for businesses in rapidly evolving transportation industries — including NEMT.           

Kevin French, the North American CEO of iCabbi, states the event will feature “presentations, demos, panel discussions and practical sessions that will help you identify areas of opportunity to innovate.

“There will also be plenty of opportunities to learn from like-minded taxi fleet operators during networking sessions,” French said. “The industry is emerging from the very challenging impact of the pandemic. There’s a new dawn coming, and iCabbi wants to help fleets to reignite through innovation.”

Kinetik will have two representatives at the conference and is proud to be one of the co-sponsors of the event, which will focus on delivering solutions to customers in the NEMT and medical transport industries, as well as the taxi and private hire industries.

Dublin-based iCabbi provides booking and dispatching services for those industries. According to company information, iCabbi now completes more than 1 million taxi bookings every day.

Kinetik and iCabbi have been partners since 2019, when Kinetik — a healthcare technology company — successfully integrated with the dispatch platform. Through this integration, Kinetik auto-generates medical transport claims, greatly reducing or eliminating the need for in-house medical billing staff for transportation providers.

Kinetik’s NEMT billing solution features automation, optimization and growth — three of the primary themes that will carry across the two days of programming. Its single platform streamlines and automates a process long derided for its manual and error-prone steps, including different requirements for different payers. Kinetik’s direct connections to more than 3,100 payors — including Medicaid, Medicare and commercial insurers — help speed up processing and claims payment.

More than 3,500 transportation providers (TPs) and transportation network companies (TNCs) now are integrated with Kinetik’s revenue cycle management platform, which manages claims at a fraction of the cost of manual processing. Kinetik, which gets high marks for its customer service, is the preferred billing partner of the nation’s largest TPs and TNCs.