Transportation Providers Modular Integration

Kinetik’s agile technology delivers scalable solutions to NEMT vendors who integrate with our flexible, developer-friendly API.

Vendors can modernize their offerings and enhance their product line with true interoperability and real-time transactional billing capabilities.


Easy Payer Access Within Your Own Application

  • Verifying patient eligibility, sending and receiving claim files, and converting EDI files: these mission-critical services can be embedded directly into your software.
  • Eliminating the need to access multiple and often confusing systems provides a solution that increases the value of your software and delivers satisfaction to your customers.
  • Kinetik’s suite of reusable developer friendly APIs allow for easy integration, letting vendors plug into a network of 3000+ payers.

Robust, Scalable,
and Flexible Toolkits

Provide the best possible product for your users by integrating with our simple APIs! REST-based web services API is used for seamless integration and workflow connectivity.


    Convert CSV and JSON files to various EDI formats including 837P, 835P, 276, 277, and 834s.

  • Billing API

    Manage accounts payable, adjudicate claims, accept and reject claims in real time, and securely send claim responses to providers.

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  • Brokers

    Clearinghouse solution for your nationwide billing needs. Utilize built-in EDI tools to transfer PHI data to your provider network and payer partners.

  • Transportation Providers

    Revenue Cycle Management for NEMT Providers. Submit transportation Claims to our 3100 Payer Partners and Receive Real Time Claim updates.