Transportation Providers Customized Billing Platform to optimize workflow

Kinetik’s technology is designed to help transportation companies transform their operations by increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Our software platform provides cloud-based technology to automate your daily processes, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.


The Kinetik Advantage

  • Complete Visibility

    Easily manage all your insurance claims and broker billing from one platform, while getting complete visibility at a glance.

  • Real Time Status Updates

    Kinetik tackles the complexities of sharing data in real time between health plans and their provider networks nationwide.

  • Easy Payer Access

    Our direct connections to payers accelerates cash flow for providers.

  • Increase ROI

    Our products reduce administrative costs.

Fast, easy and simple billing process

Kinetik’s Robust batch billing system allows NEMT Providers to bill thousands of commercial payers simultaneously.

  1. Pzlaceholder

    01. Import Auto import claims from your dispatch solution

    • Trip data is auto imported
    • Payer specific fee schedule is applied
    • Automatically Detect Common Claims Errors
  2. Placeholder

    02. Attest Submit Claims to multiple payers with one click

    • Claim scrubbing is applied to detect common claim errors
    • Claims are encrypted for submission
  3. Placeholder

    03. Track Manage claims in real-time

    • Receive claim status acknowledgement
    • Claims are encrypted for submission
    • Receive Electronic Remittance Advice
  4. Monitor Real-Time Status Updates, Dynamic ERAs and Follow-Up dashboards
  5. Prevent errors Detect Common Claim errors through our claim scrubbing technology

Secure and Audit Ready

Kinetik’s platform and services are designed to safeguard your data for seven years for audit purposes. Generate reports for your recording keeping and audit needs.


  1. Claim Scrubbing

    Detect common claim error prior to submission to minimize denials and improve faster turnarounds.

  2. HIC1500 Export

    Export pre filled HIC-1500 forms with a single click for payers who require manually claim submission.

  3. Schedule Implementation

    Automatic fee schedule implementation for all payers including bulk modifying rates.

  4. Smart Notifications

    Never lose track of your claims process. Notifications are designed to update you on the events.

  5. Live Chat Support

    On-Demand Chat support to answer and assist issues that may arise throughout the workday.

Start managing your insurance now!

Ready To Get Started?

  • Brokers

    Clearinghouse solution for your nationwide billing needs. Utilize built-in EDI tools to transfer PHI data to your provider network and payer partners.

  • Vendors

    Developer friendly APIs to enhance your offerings. Easily integrate healthcare billing, eligibility, and edi conversion into your product line.