Kinetik and CTS Partnership

Kinetik and CTS Partnership

Kinetik and CTS Software partner to streamline the non-emergency medical transportation industry with technology that helps reduce fraud, waste, and abuse. 

New York, NY – Kinetik has partnered with CTS Software, the creator of TripMaster, a leading non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) scheduling and dispatching software. Together we will help streamline the NEMT industry with our combined suite of products. This partnership aims to complement each other’s missions by providing the technology required to provide a seamless NEMT experience for transportation providers and patients.

Through this integration, we streamline the NEMT process through digitization which elevates the client experience. “With CTS and Kinetik as partners, we will solve the most significant issues in non-emergency medical transportation. We are very excited to work with the CTS team and change the industry together,” stated Sufian Chowdhury, Chief Executive Officer at Kinetik.

Adam Fox, Chief Executive Officer at CTS Software, spoke about why Kinetik and CTS Software became partners in the industry. He said, “The billing and reconciliation functionalities are an important component of the industry but not something we wanted to focus on building ourselves. Kinetik’s expertise in this space, as well as our alignment of business goals, makes the two companies a perfect fit.” 

The advantages of this partnership include the joint opportunity to implement technology in a historically fragmented market and work with another customer-centric company. CTS Software employees pride themselves on emphasizing the importance of customer service in the industry. It has been one of the biggest differentiators for not only CTS Software but also for Kinetik. 

NEMT is an industry that has been known for fraud, waste, and abuse, but now Kinetik and CTS will shift the focus to the positive impact it can have on the social determinants of health.

Elizabeth Magra, Chief Operating Officer at CTS Software, stated, “we are really excited about the partnership with Kinetik. We seem to share the same vision of digitizing the market to positively impact our communities by providing improved mobility. Together we can help make sure that happens.”

Kinetik is excited to partner with CTS to provide a suite of combined technologies that will help transportation providers provide a better patient experience and help them grow their business.


About Kinetik Healthcare Solutions

We envision a future in which the coordination and delivery of medical transportation will be so seamless that any patient, anywhere, can request a healthcare ride in real-time. To accomplish this, we have built the nation’s largest healthcare transportation infrastructure — one that digitally connects health plans, brokers, and providers. This enhanced level of connectivity significantly improves access to care for patients.

About CTS Software

Begun as CTS Management Company, Inc., in 1982, our company managed various transportation properties in the southeastern United States. Eventually, CTS leadership recognized that the real deficit was a strong software set to manage an ever-growing industry, and began developing transportation management software in 1986. A few years later, CTS Software incorporated solely to provide dynamic, user-friendly software created in the real transit world. 

Since developing TripMaster software in 1986, we have been driven to meet the ever-changing needs of transportation providers nationwide by listening to their needs. In almost 40 years since its inception, technology has become a critical aspect of running a successful NEMT operation. TripMaster has led the way with integrations to health plans, brokers, and TNCs to close the gaps and improve the customer experience.