Kinetik CEO: We will solve the biggest problems in the medical transportation industry

Kinetik CEO: We will solve the biggest problems in the medical transportation industry

NEW YORK — Sufian Chowhury, the co-founder and CEO of Kinetik, told a gathering of industry leaders Saturday that his company is working to complete vital infrastructure that will connect health plans and health systems, brokers and local transportation companies.


The result? 

More business for local transportation companies and a path toward better-trained and better-compensated drivers who won’t have to wait for a paycheck.

“Our revenue cycle management tool ensures companies are paid on time, which then ensures that their drivers are paid on time,” Chowdhury said of companies in the medical transportation industry who have signed on with Kinetik. “This is a challenge we are solving for.”

Chowdhury was a featured speaker at Agape Transportation’s Driver Summit and 10th Anniversary Celebration in Queens, N.Y.  The invitation-only event drew drivers, elected officials, industry vendors and TLC representatives. 

Kinetik, the most advanced billing platform for medical transportation companies, was a sponsor of the event, which celebrated the family-owned business and paid tribute to everyone who has made it successful. “We are very excited to work with Agape!” Chowdhury said.

Agape uses Kinetik’s Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) tool for its non-emergency medical transportation billing.  

Chowdhury, who celebrated his own company’s fifth anniversary Friday with team members and his co-founders, also shared his vision for the future of the medical transportation industry. Among other points, Chowdhury said he envisions a day when medical transport drivers are  better compensated because of the higher level of service expected and the more detailed training now required.

Kinetik is a health technology company that has revolutionized the NEMT industry, delivering what customers call life-changing solutions that save time and money. The company has consolidated and streamlined billing functions for transportation companies that had to juggle  multiple billing platforms and endure manual work that often led to mistakes and rejected claims.