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Centralized scheduling platform for all forms of healthcare transportation

Technology that streamlines workflows, allowing healthcare teams to prioritize patient care.

Kinetik delivers a synchronized ecosystem designed to provide interoperability between technologies used by all healthcare stakeholders including patients, health plans, transportation brokers, healthcare providers and transportation providers.

Are these challenges impacting your healthcare transportation program?

You are not alone.
We can help.


Revenue Retention

No-shows, patient leakage and discharge delays due inefficient transportation program management.


Poor Patient Experience

Rigid workflow and processes with little opportunity to customize for market, members or regulator requirements.


Inefficient Operations

Patient care is delayed due to lack of solutions to solve for on-demand and rural trips, or trips that require specific modes of transportation.

Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Trip Scheduler

Powered by Kinetik
Seamless auto-assignment of trips to our digitally integrated network of Transportation Providers.
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Single platform to book on-demand medical transportation
Auto assignment of trips to our digitally integrated network
Automate communication of ride updates, edits and cancellations
Flexible design, with business rules for efficient network management
Quickly verify eligibility throughout the ride booking and execution
Reduce fraud, waste and abuse with end-to-end program transparency
Scale your transportation network
Improve access to care and patient outcomes
HIPAA Compliant, SOC 2 Compliant, and HITRUST Certified

Built by a team of NEMT industry experts

Kinetik delivers a synchronized ecosystem specifically engineered to provide interoperability between technologies used by all stakeholders including patients, healthcare providers, health plans, brokers and transportation providers.

Frequently Asked Questions


With our platform, you can book on-demand healthcare transportation for all levels of service, including ambulatory, assisted, wheelchair, stretcher, TNCs and more!

Yes. In addition Kinetik is HITRUST Certified and SOC 2, Type 2 Compliant. Privacy and security is our top priority and we are committed to protecting patient data in accordance industry best practices.

Book on-demand, recurring, or future rides with Trip Scheduler.