4x Broker

Streamline and digitize your NEMT operations

Provides brokers with the ability to enable a digitized network for the seamless delivery of NEMT services.

Kinetik delivers a synchronized ecosystem designed to provide interoperability between technologies used by all healthcare stakeholders including members, health plans, brokers, healthcare providers, and transportation providers.

Brokers face unique challenges when delivering healthcare transportation programs.

Kinetik is here to help.


High Administrative Costs

Manual processes and multiple platforms for NEMT program management drive administrative costs up.


Fraud, Waste and Abuse

With no visibility into trip data, brokers are at risk when resolving quality issues.


Insufficient Network Adequacy

Building and managing the transportation provider network is high-touch and ongoing, and the market has a limited supply of providers.

Solutions for Brokers

Trip Scheduler

Powered by Kinetik

Seamless auto-assignment of trips to a digitally integrated network of Transportation Providers.

Automate communication of ride updates, edits and cancellations.
Flexible configuration and business rules for efficient network management.
Quickly verify eligibility throughout ride booking and execution.
Reduce fraud, waste and abuse with full program visibility.
Rapidly scale your healthcare transportation network.
Generate and digitally track claims for Payors and States.
Improved access to care for members.
Datastore access ensures accurate program insights and security.
HIPAA Compliant, SOC 2 Compliant, and HITRUST Certified.

Trip Assistant

Connecting patient and driver data
Digitizing the transportation network to create a single source end-to-end NEMT ecosystem.
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Provides GPS data with end-to-end trip life cycle, soon to be an industry requirement.
Links member information with trip, enabling clean claim submission through RCM.
Automates claim generation through our Revenue Cycle Management software.

Frequently Asked Questions


Kinetik's end-to-end solution is different from other solutions in the market because it is the first digitally integrated healthcare transportation infrastructure that provides interoperability by connecting all stakeholders: payors, members, brokers, and transportation providers.

Kinetik's end-to-end healthcare transportation management solution provides brokers with the ability to enable a digitized network due to an agnostic approach and key integrations with some of the nation's largest dispatch solutions. Kinetik's ecosystem creates interoperability and allows for a seamless delivery of NEMT services delivering benefits that include: full visibility into the life cycle of each trip, full program transparency, improved access to care, an enhanced member experience, reduction in missed / late trips, ability to generate timely and accurate claims, and reduction of fraud, waste, and abuse (FWA).

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