Kinetik continues to set the standard for NEMT customer satisfaction

March 23, 2022 Kinetik continues to set the standard for NEMT customer satisfaction

An overwhelming majority of non-emergency medical transportation providers scored Kinetik a perfect 10 on a recent customer service survey. 

In fact, nearly two-thirds of respondents gave Kinetik the highest possible rating. Kinetik’s overall Net Promoter Score (NPS), which is based on the number of respondents identified as promoters or detractors of a company, was 56. 

“This is a way we can gauge our customers’ satisfaction,” says Mallory McCarthy, Chief of Staff at Kinetik. “The average score for companies is between 20 and 39, so a 56 is great!”

Customers agreed – in their comments on the survey and in interviews.

“Kinetik is super easy to use, and it saves so much time on billing weekly,” says Emily Moses, one of many customers to give Kinetik the highest possible Net Promoter Score, a widely used metric to measure customer service and predict business growth. 

Steph Kilsdonk of CBR Transport in rural New York state, also gave Kinetik a 10, saying, “Every time I have questions or need help, I’ve been able to contact Kinetik directly and receive an answer (quickly). It’s a very comforting feeling knowing I have not only their whole team of experts ready and willing to help, but more specifically I have one go-to person I can call or email any time. 

“It truly makes me feel like we are a valued customer at Kinetik!”

Kinetik is the nation’s largest healthcare transportation infrastructure and the preferred billing partner of the nation’s largest TPs (transportation providers) and TNCs (transportation network companies). Its centralized system streamlines and automates NEMT billing — on one platform and for a fraction of the cost of manual operations. 

Users enjoy easy claims management, real-time status updates and faster payments, largely due to direct connections with more than 3,100 payors. This allows providers, who typically are small businesses, to focus more on their own customers — Medicaid, Medicare and privately insured patients seeking rides to medical appointments. 

After the switch to Kinetik, billing costs dropped 75% at CBR, Kilsdonk says, and she spends far less time on claims than when she juggled multiple platforms. These savings bode well for the company’s future, she says. 

“Being able to bill multiple insurance companies from one place will make it easier for us to sign on and contract with more companies. Knowing we will be able to bill them with our Kinetik platform removes any concerns with logistics,” she says.

“This is an excellent product,” says Matthew Scampini, who gave Kinetik 10 out of 10, “and the company provides great customer service.” 

Kinetik’s API (application programming interface) allows seamless connections with vendor partners that offer streamlined dispatching and geotracking services, allowing providers to monitor on-time performance and quickly reroute drivers based on current information. To learn more about Kinetik’s industry-leading tools, visit us at or email

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