Taxi insurance Healthcare Billing & Claims Adjudication Platform

Manage insurance claims and reimbursements from our claims adjudication platform developed to fit your custom needs.


Claims Adjudication

  • Kinetik helps identify key requirements and develop a comprehensive NEMT solution to optimize your unique work-flow, resulting in significantly reduced errors and accelerated ROI.
  • By automating and simplifying your claims processing operations, you will be able to process claims with a speed and accuracy that is not possible with the current costly and inaccurate manual processes.

Reporting and Analytics

  • Centralize & Manage Data

    Convert CSV and JSON files to various EDI formats including 837P, 835P, 276, 277, and 834s.

  • 360 View of Your Business

    Quickly perform ad hoc analysis that reveal hidden opportunities.

  • Interactive Dashboards

    Drag and drop to create interactive dashboards with advanced visual analytics.

  • Easy Access to Data

    Easily connect to data stored anywhere, in any format.

Integrated EDI Conversion

EDI files are seamlessly sent to Payers, with payment and denial information available in as quickly as two hours!

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    Account Reconciliation to A/R

    Manage account payable, adjudicate claims, accept and reject claims in real time, securely send claims response to providers

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    CSV & JSON

    Instantly convert CSV and JSON files to various EDI formats including: 837P, 835P, 276, 277,834.

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  • Transportation Providers

    Revenue Cycle Management for NEMT Providers. Submit transportation Claims to our 3100 Payer Partners and Receive Real Time Claim updates.

  • Vendors

    Developer friendly APIs to enhance your offerings. Easily integrate healthcare billing, eligibility, and edi conversion into your product line.